Brand, Tim Edit

Main article: Tim Brand

Rank: Captain, Subterrestial Assault Service, Royal Australian Army.
Position: Operational oversight.
Posting: Subterrestial Operation Theatre.
Status: Active.
Intel: Known as "The Phoenix" due to his uncanny knack of surviving the seemingly unsurvivable, recently promoted out of regular field work.

Stevens, Erwin Edit

Rank: Brigadier, Royal Australian Army.
Position: Commanding Officer.
Posting: Surface.
Status: Active.
Intel: Pending

Stone, Nathan Edit

Rank: Colonel, Royal Australian Army.
Position: Director of Field Ops.
Posting: Surface.
Status: Active.
Intel: ASIO asset (ASIO likely having a special directorate working in conjunction with WALKABOUT and/or ASTRA). Has claimed to prefer working with LONG STAIR over Looking Glass.

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