Tim Brand
Alias(es) "The Phoenix"
Species Human
Gender Male
Nationality Australian
Affiliation WALKABOUT
Rank Captain, Subterranean Assault Service Regiment, Royal Australian Army
Position Operational oversight

Tim "The Phoenix" Brand is currently a Captain of the Subterrain Assault Service, a highly classified spin-off of the Australian Special Air Service and one of its most famous members due to the sheer improbability of his continued survival in the face of everything the Basement has thrown at him.




During his time operating as part of the former Australian PIG operation, he was part of the team that pipped the DOG at the finish of "Dungeon Crawl 3", led a recon mission into Indian territory whilst the Surgeon was still there and returned with no casualties, and received his promotion to Captain because of his platoon's retrieval of an Astrolabe in the Big Ben sector. It was here that he earned his nickcame of "Phoenix", displaying his uncanny knack of escaping certain death (and without any sign of hybridization). His last deployment with LONG STAIR forces was Operation TERRACOTTA, in which he was listed as MIA. Unknown to his allies, he was able to navigate to Rainbow Serpent.

Due to the much smaller numbers of soldiers fielded in the Subterrestial Operations Theatre by the Australians, his promotion to Captain has meant a transfer out of regular field assignment into operational oversight. His final "showing of the colours" involved leading a squad of fellow SAS on a gate-to-gate trek retracing -- if such a word can be used with any accuracy in the Basement -- his passage between Rainbow Serpent and LONG STAIR as a demonstration of Australian capability, during which time they came under repeated xenofauna attack without suffering serious casualties.



Brand's wife, an American living in Australia. She is the sister of Lt. Martinet. It is currently assumed that they met subsequent to Brand's initial tour attached to LONG STAIR, likely as a result of Lt. Martinet's request to look her up given his own inability to do so.

Paul MartinetEdit

Brand's brother-in-law. Prior to the establishment of WALKABOUT, he and Lt. Martinet they worked together as Lieutenants under the auspices of LONG STAIR, most recently during Operation TERRACOTTA. By all appearances they have a profound liking of and respect for each other.