The caravan is an organization of humanoids within the dungeon. Their species and state of hybridisation, if any, is unclear as they wear full-body encounter suits that hide their species and disguise their voices. All encounters with them so far have been friendly; they seem glad to trade with humans and even offer them shelter "for the night".

Trade relations with the Caravan remain positive. Though there have been tentative discussions about mercenary alliances utilising human soldiers as escorts, rumors of AWOL troops being sighted amongst them remain only rumors.

Transport Edit

Their 'wagons' consist of large creatures that resemble Rhino Beatles with a hollowed out cavity for storing goods. From what human forces have been able to learn, this hollow space is roughly akin to a pouch rather than the result of an invasive surgical procedure.

Flea Market Edit

Not necessarily a region or set location, this is more of a mobile bazaar or open market that serves as a gathering of Caravan's and other traders. Despite a history of successful trading, efforts by LONG STAIR personnel to join caravans, the Caravan traders have so far only hinted at the Flea Market's existence to them.