A Project: LONG STAIR initiative designed to utilise hybridized personnel in the field. Though the initial hybrids were quarantine and vivisected to study the changes they had undergone, it was decided that those hybrids who demonstrated at least moderate psychological stability and demonstrated an intuitive understanding for the Dungeon and its ways would be of better service to their country returning to active duty within the SOT.


Under the auspices of NATIVE SONS, these hybrids are embeded as specialists within recon and sometimes combat units (but specificially not the one to which they belonged prior to hybridization) as trackers and guides. Such teams routinely show dramatically higher success and lower mortality rates.


Recently the UK's Looking Glass operation has taken the extreme measure of suspending all operational ties with Project: LONG STAIR over claimed discrepencies between NATIVE SONS and previously established guidelines over the containment and use of hybrids. However, WALKABOUT has demonstrated no particular disquiet over the ongoing operation of NATIVE SONS and remains a staunch ally.

However, there may be some justification for the UK's unease. The BLACKLIST Committee has recently authorized Dr. Eric Soong to begin Project Chrysalis, creating hybridized xenofauna for use as "super soldiers" that are capable of surviving outside the Subterrestial Operations Theatre for indefinite periods.