Originally a sidearm (Ruger GP-100 .38 revolver) carried by K Squad's Pvt. Murdoc> Lost on 04.22.08 down a drain in in Shaft 103's Waterworks region, then recovered in the same region on 05.03.08. After testing a thousand rounds of ammunition, its characteristics are as follows:

  • It has standard reliability for a weapon of it's type within one standard deviation and takes normal ammunition.
  • The ballistic gelatin was set hot enough to ignite, which happens only at temperatures sufficient to cause third degree burns over the time span which the flame persists.
  • Extreme slow motion cameras revealed that the bullet instantly flash-vaporized on contact with the target - there is no transfer of force or momentum, only the appearance of heat and light. The heat and light appear to be coterminous and expand in a loop - what begins as a bullet forms in to a ring, which then curls and folds and expands in to a line that occupies volume, as near as I can tell.
  • The heating effect has an exact cut off of one yard diameter, as you said. The spherical area is heated perfectly uniformly. Any blast beyond that radius stems from heat conduction.

Murdoc's Revolver is currently unaccounted for along with 14 other Xenotech items following the escape of Emelie Veltiere from LONG STAIR custody.