Morris Meyjer
Species Human
Gender Male
Nationality American
Affiliation Project LONG STAIR
Rank Major, US Marine Corps
Position WALKABOUT Liason

Morris Meyjer is one of those individuals who in hindsight seemed entirely predestined for involvement in Project LONG STAIR, drawn to it by factors behind his control.


Meyjer joined the USMC straight out of Harvard on a scholarship where he majored in Engineering. His first posting as a newly minted 2nd Lieutenant was as a combat engineer during Operation Desert Storm, and the Middle East became his primary deployment zone. From the time of his initial deployment he seemed to be very much the rising star, achieving the rank of Major in close to record time.

While on furlough with members of his unit, they were attacked by members of al-Qadim utilizing xenotech and suspected xenomethodology and he was one of the few to survive; fortunately a detachment of the Australian SAS were able to intervene and assist in terminating the attackers. A psych test conducted afterwards indicated the potential for duty within the Subterrestial Operations Theatre, where he was deployed sortly after the September 11 attacks as the new Commander of the 2nd Delver Engineers. During his deployment, he was known to have greatly impressed members of the Australian forces accessing the Dungeon via Long Stair

However once making that paygrade his career seemed to atrophe, with all subsequent attempts at promotion or redeployment being denied for a variety of reasons. It didn't help that he was essentially aware of the reason why. This state of affairs continued until a spontaneous materiel hybridization event vaporized his lower left leg beyond xenotechnological or xenomethodological recovery, resulting in his being invalided out of active service and appointed as the liason officer to WALKABOUT in early 2008.