Ivan Gregori Masarov
Alias(es) "Grandfather of the Russian Mob"
Species Hybrized Human
Gender Male
Nationality Russian
Affiliation TRAP DOOR

Russian Mafiya

Position TRAP DOOR Overlord.
Hair Color None
Eye Color Black (no discernable scalera or iris)
Skin Color Swarthy
Distinctive Features Looks extremely emaciated and skinny, skin has darkened and all body hair has been lost, displays high resilient to physical damage

The likely origin of the rumors among all levels of active personnel referring to a "mastermind" (AKA "dungeonmaster") in the sections RED, BERLIN, HOTHOUSE, and OYSTER has been verified.

It is now known to us that Ivan Gregori Masarov (*1936), known in certain circles as "Grandfather of the Russian Mob", did not die in a car accident near Munich in 2003. Masarov had been diagnosed with inoperable cancer in late 2002. He spent the following months preparing for his permanent relocation to the Basement, apparently through a "forgotten" russian access point. By means unknown to us he managed to create a permanent base in the Dungeon, probably beneath the 2nd Landing. He then underwent an extreme physical transformation - again no details about this are available - that seemingly gave him some abilities of a hybrid.

The following facts about Masarov's current status' could be collected:

- he seems to posess certain psychokinetic and hypnotic powers usually only associated with native Dungeon species' - he still controls an ever-growing part of the russian mob - he somehow managed to gain control over several dozens, maybe hundreds, orcs, ogres, and "little people" - the fatality rate of all expeditions sent after him within the last few months nears the 94% mark - the location of his "HQ" remains unknown

Standard Procedure:

All rumors regarding Masarov or the dungeonmaster are to be denied. From now on all expeditions in Masarov's territory require the presence of an officially certified sensitive. All expedition members must wear their NonHypnon-Goggles at all times.