Item: XA-1809 'Fire Dust'

Description Summary
Material resembles a fine red sand, and it is usually recovered in a leather-like pouch. However, it has been reported as being discovered in boxes and in a rare case a pile.
Investigation Summary
Normal experiments turned up nothing and it was given secondary research priority. It was not until the testing for mental reactions that something turned up. The material was revealed to be psychoreactive not unlike orichalcum. When thrown the dust flies through the air and attaches to the intended target. It then undergoes a thermal reaction of some type, setting fire to the target. The reaction itself was not observably with my current equipment, and I can only deduce a thermal reaction by the visible after effects. One severely burned tactical vest and several microscope slides. Oh and one microscope.
The dust itself travels via some unknown property, fighting against wind resistance. You'll find several videos attached with this memo. Be sure to check test10. You'll notice the dust's movement even against multiple fans simulating a rather windy day.
Recommendation Summary
Release immediately for immediate top side testing.
Evaluator Comments
Material shows obviously uses in operations both UPSTAIRS and DOWNSTAIRS. As of this moment we have more then twenty pounds of this stuff sitting around. Testing should begin immediately to see if it can be used effectively UPSTAIRS. If not then it will prove a useful replace or addition to flamethrowers.