Evaluator: Tech-Sergeant Elliot
Item: XA-1899

Description Summary
Item is about 15cm wide, about 5cm tall and about 12cm long; like most wearable xenoartifacts the item will change sizes depending on the individual trying to put the artifact on. This item resembles a pair of antique spectacles (see attached images).
Investigation Summary
After inspecting the item visually and donning body armor, Pvt. Gomes placed the item on my face, hooking the ends over my ears. I felt no change or xeno affects, and Pvt. Gomes began a detailed inspection of both myself and the item to see if the item caused any outward physiological changes.
Upon moving in front of me, Pvt. Gomes began an inspection of my face and eyes when without warning he suddenly turned to stone. As a dangerous artifact the item has been moved back to storage. All attempts to change Pvt. Gomes back with the item have failed and I have had the statue moved to Medical while we wait for Chaplain Medve to return from his current mission; perhaps he will be able to help Pvt. Gomes again.