Evaluator: Tech-Sergeant Elliot
Item: XA-1776

Description Summary
Item is a circular metal band, about 15cm in diameter. Like most wearable xenoartifacts the item will change sizes depending on the individual trying to put the artifact on. The item resembles an undecorated metal headband, similar to a plain crown (see attached images).
Investigation Summary
After the initial inspection SPC Kong and I donned protective gear and I put the item on my head. There were no initial changes in how I felt, and SPC Kong observed no changes in how I appeared.
We continued the tests by having me concentrate on trying to use the item through mental commands on various target items without effect. Aware of the prohibitions on testing xenoartifacts on human subjects, we were preparing to move the testing phase on to lab animals when Pvt. Gomes unexpectedly entered the testing facility, having been recently cleared for duty by Medical. His entrance startled me, so I looked at him in sudden fright and a blast of light energy shot out of the circlet and struck Pvt. Gomes in the chest, seriously wounding him.
The artifact has been slated for further testing on lab animals. Pvt. Gomes remains in Medical in serious condition.