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Orcus Edit

Originally named Orphée under the auspices of the Dédale Project, it was accidentially opened, utilized and sealed by France in a 2-month window between May and July 1962, and finally abandoned in the 1970s. It was rechristened Orcus in 2003 after the Dante Project learned that Al Qadim had somehow discovered, gained control and re-opened the site. Five covert ground assaults by Dante Project, Looking Glass and Project LONG STAIR were repeled through a combination of the mountain in which the site is located and al Qadim's blatant use of xenomethodology and xenotech until it was finally taken in early 2005 and CAUTERY authorization granted to detonate a tactical nuke in an attempt to seal the breach. Though the primary entrance point was collapsed, further investigation has shown the region to be permeable through the use of appropriate xenomethodology. Dante Project personnel maintain a covert presence on station, but intelligence gathered since then indicates the terrorists are still managing to access the Dungeon.